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PayPerAction advertising: Outcome that pays !

We would like to introduce our product in line/text advertising
- PPA - PayPerAction advertising.

Features to remember:

  • The PPA ads publishing is FREE (i.e. no weekly/monthly fees, quantity discounts etc.)
  • You pay just the real outcome- the replies sent by e-mail from JobMaster's readers
  • The flat fee per a reply delivered - 4,90 EUR incl. VAT
  • The max number of replies per week - the parameter of your option
  • The replies above the limit are delivered free as a bonus
  • No restriction in the number of the ads published - the more, the higher the response
  • No regional restrictions - ads from all regions are welcome
  • PPA works without a repose - 24 hrs per day, 7 days in a week !

PPA works transparently in realtime mode !
It is NOT any funnelling of cv's from an existing cv database !!

Last but not least: the ad reply you get from JobMaster, is YOURS and ONLY YOURS:
The respondent cannot duplicate or multiplicate his replies on JobMaster, he can send only one reply at a time; if he replies to your ad, he cannot simultaneously reply to someone else!
When the reply enters your mailbox, the respondent has still his hands on keyboard, so if you contact him immediately (by phone perhaps, when it is included in his reply), you are likely to make him choose your company and stop searching for other job offers.

Unlike PPC systems, that pay for the click-through to the target website (where the reader might do completely nothing and then leave), the PPA advertising brings the real client - the real live job seeker you can work with.
Privacy: JobMaster does not collect or process the personal data sent by respondents in their e-mails or attached documents, and those will not be given in any way to any third parties. By submitting his reply, the respondent comes into contact with the relevant advertiser ONLY, and with noone else.

Discover the personal advertising, that pays, and let the PPA work for you ! Send us your PPA ad for posting TODAY !

For more details please feel free and contact us any time by phone
on 603 509 694 or by e-mail.

Martin Nesměrák - JobMaster
mobil: 603 509 694
tel., fax, zázn.: 241 731 331

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